Coworking: An Investment in Your Health

Working alone can be one of the biggest challenges of entrepreneurship. In fact, feeling like part of a community or a larger purpose contributes to one’s overall well-being. This is one of many reasons renting an office in a shared workspace environment can benefit your mental health, and your business. 

In fact, the popularity of coworking has grown tremendously since the concept launched 11 years ago. The industry has grown to over 11,000 locations globally, and is expected to reach 26,000+ by 2020, serving more than 3.8 million members.

Research shows that social interaction with others can ward off depression and anxiety. Getting enough of it can be a challenge for entrepreneurs who work from home. That’s why many take their laptops to the local coffee shop or another WiFi-enabled location for a change of scenery, not to mention the possibility of potentially networking with those around you.

With the many flexible options available in the shared office market, having a professional address and designated workspace that inspires productivity and social connections is more realistic than ever for small business owners. Imagine bumping into peers in the shared kitchen, lobby or hallway, and developing friendships along the way. Even just a Virtual Office package has the same benefits for owners, although just a little less often than those who have full time Office Space.

Some shared office locations, such as B-District located in downtown Boston’s exclusive Business District, even sponsors networking events to encourage social interaction among coworking clients. ns. “We encourage the feeling of community because it is good for the psyche, and business,” according to Ben Gunther of B-District.

Maybe you don’t miss working with others (which is why you work for yourself), but social breaks can ease stress and give you a fresh perspective. You can even form walking groups during lunch or decide to do happy hour once a week. 

Think of it as an investment in your mental health.

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