Making a Good Impression - Is It Time to Upgrade Your Workspace?


If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you work from a home office. While the benefits are obvious – no commute and "free" rent – motivated business owners are recognizing the advantages of a more professional work environment. Whether you opt for a virtual office or shared workspace, moving your business out of your basement or living room and into a more professional location, free of distractions, will enhance your image and bring new energy to the daily grind.

Shared workspace is 80% more cost-effective than leasing your own office space, and it can save you as much as 50% over traditional executive suite costs.

Considering making the move? Consider the advantages of a workspace upgrade:

  1. More productivity. Your home distractions may have increased since starting your business for a number of reasons – a growing family, noisy or demanding pets or just too much dirty laundry. Consider how much more productive you would be working outside of the home – working in a clear space leads to a clear mind. The workspace would pay for itself when you are able to work smarter and faster.
  2. Impress clients. As your business grows, you may want to entertain prospects and current clients at your office, or you may simply desire a professional business address and answering service. If the former, inviting them into your basement probably is not the type of impression you want to make! Shared workspace offers conference rooms with all the amenities of a corporate environment (luxurious furnishings, WiFi, meeting planning assistance, audio visual capabilities, etc.). Plus, you save money by renting a meeting room only when you need it!
  3. Get inspired. No doubt, working in a professional office brings a certain energy with it – having other people around is more dynamic than working alone. You can talk to someone besides yourself...and maybe even bounce ideas off of your peers.
  4. Outshine the competition. Let’s face it – it’s a jungle out there. Anything you can do to stand out from the competition is a huge plus. Hosting clients in a sophisticated space with high-end furnishings, all the amenities of a corporate environment, and an administrative staff makes a good – no great – impression.
  5. Prime your business for growth. Using virtual office services with a receptionist to answer calls and other administrative services allows you to focus on your business while presenting a professional image. Renting dedicated workspace makes it that much easier to create the business of your dreams. Like they say, if you want to be the CEO someday, dress the part. Same goes for your business.

To learn more about flexible virtual office and shared workspace options in Boston’s Business District, contact us today! We will help you explore, dream and build the business of your dreams.