6 Tips for Social Media Posting

In case you weren’t aware, everyone is on social networks these days. Your friends, your family, your customers, and… your competition. They’re all online and they’re all searching for great content to read and share. Or, in the case of your competition, they’re posting great content and gaining new business, possibly the business you wanted.

As tedious as posting to social media may seem, it really isn’t a waste of time at all. It’s a smart investment and an opportunity for brand recognition. You simply cannot ignore or dismiss social media in this day and age. You practically do not exist as a company if you don’t have a company page on one or all of the social networks. If your company does have all the requisite social network pages, the next step is to post… and frequently. But, what, you may ask, should you post? Here are six tips to keep in mind as you become a SMM pro:

  1. Make it Original - There’s a lot of redundant content swirling around out on the internet. Whatever your industry is, you have the chance to share something about your product or service that may not already be out there.

    Write a blog post that is useful to your target audience. Share tips, tricks, and advice that is of interest. Create images or infographics. Don’t hold back. When you share information, you’re also building trust. The reality is, most people don’t have time or energy to do what you do themselves, but they do appreciate the transparency and honesty showcased when you let them in on trade secrets.
  2. Make it Professional - There is a lot of push back against being politically correct these days, but professionalism is still of utmost importance in business. Unless your business is explicitly controversial in nature, it’s best to keep a neutral tone. Furthermore, it should be SFW (safe for work) as opposed to NSFW (not safe for work), even if you don’t consider what you’d like to share controversial.

    For instance, maybe you snapped a cute photo of your dog this morning. Dogs aren’t controversial (as far as we know), but, depending on your business, Fido doesn’t belong on your company page wall. If you have a law firm, it is much more important to appear qualified than it is to appear pet-friendly. Someone could easily decide not to take your business seriously if you don’t keep it professional.
  3. Keep it Short - It’s probably unnecessary to tell you that people are busy and they have short attention spans. You have a very small window to grab their interest. Don’t make the mistake of writing long posts and risking them getting bored and moving on. Twitter’s limit of 140 characters really forces users to make their point in a concise manner, which is a great boundary to stay within when you’re posting to other social networks that give you more freedom.
  4. Include Links, Images, and Video - People love images and video, and so social networks favor those types of post and give them more visibility. Of course, it’s best to post your own, original content (see above), but brand exposure is still tied into sharing content related to what you sell/provide so that you become a trusted resource for your industry. This type of post will have a tendency to float to the top of views when other types may sink and go unnoticed.
  5. Learn to Use Hashtags - There is a misconception that the hashtag is the same as the pound sign. While they look the same, the two have different functionalities. Hashtags are basically topic channels and they can be extremely useful, especially when certain ones begin to “trend”.

    For example: During the Super Bowl, one hashtag that may trend is #SuperBowl2017. If you click on it, you would see thousands of posts about the Super Bowl. You could simply watch the posts as they come, or you could be a part of the conversation. The benefit to your business is, when you use a trending hashtag and a hashtag more closely associated with your business, you have a window to expose people to your product who wouldn’t normally come across it.

    "We’re excited about #SuperBowl2017 and are all stocked up on #DeezNachos! #GameSnacks"

    If your brand is “Deez Nachos”, you’ve just taken advantage of what is practically a national holiday in order to advertise your product. People are going to click on #SuperBowl2017… all you have to do is piggyback on that opportunity.
  6. Pay for Boosts/Ads - At the end of the day, you can post to social media until you’re blue in the face and still not see a huge increase in traffic to your social pages or your website. It should come as no surprise that these social networks want you to spend money in order to show your product to their customers. Their bottom line is important to them as well, and so you have to pay to play on some level.

    The good news is you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to enjoy some very decent exposure. Social media marketing (SMM) is probably the most affordable and effective form of marketing right now. You’ll be pleased with how quickly your Likes and Followers increase when you spend a little bit of money to push an ad campaign.

We hope this list was useful to you and your business. The Business District’s goal is to help you become successful in all of your endeavors, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit us to see if we can provide a space for you to sit while you improve your SMM game.